The Bodrum Guide

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This impressive Ionic temple was one of the greatest oracle temples of the ancient world. During the archaeological research done, German archaeologist discovered the remains of an earlier  temple, dating back to 8 century BC.

But first temple in monumental portions was built in 6th century. this temple which had peipteros plan and had .... columns was destroyed by the Persians after their capture of Miletus. With the help of  Brancites, Persians looted the temple and took the statue of Apollo and its priests to Ectebana in Persia. During the campaign of Alexander the Great, Alexander not only punished the priests, but also sent the Apollo's statues back to Didyma Temple.

Hellenistic Temple

The Hellenistic temple, which started 3rd century BC, continued up to 2 century AD and never got finishing touches. This new temple, which was bigger than the previous one, had 124 colors surrounding the temple. The temple was built on 7 stepped crepidome was approached by 14 steps, situated in the center. The temple offers a peculiar plan. It has pronaos, full of columns; the oracle room which was approached only from the main cella of the temple. After passing through narrow corridors, visitors reach to cella where a smaller temple, housing the statute of God Apollo was situated.

When people consulted the oracle, the priestess of Apollo stood a stool and she inhaled the vapor coming from the sacred spring. At that moment, she got into the state of trance and started uttering new prophecies. These words of the oracle were written in poetical way and given to the people.