The Bodrum Guide

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In Turkey there are still hand-made copper goods, of the type, which long ago - was made by the workman at the corner. You can still watch this being done in the environment of the closed Bazars in Istanbul. In addition, in near Bodrum there is such a copper village (or Bakirköy - as one says here). The village is called Kavaklidere, and is approximatel about 100 km to the East of Bodrum near the city of Yatagan.

Textiles and leather

Products of the natural raw materials leather and cotton are traditionally sold in the shops of Turkey. Cotton is cultivated everywhere in Turkey, so that Turkey is in fact third biggest producer of cotton in the world.

Meerschaum pipes

Carving pipes out of the natural material meerschaum has a long tradition in Turkey. Already in Ottoman times these pipes were wellknown all over the world. Originally this special skill is based in the town of Eskisehir.

In Gümüslük

you can also watch the art of pipe making here using the material "meerschaum" which being porous absorbes nikotine very well. Good to be seen in the Bodrum Video

Hand made sandals

Skilled artisans can make you a pair of snugly fitting leather sandals in the traditional Aegean style. You will find craftsmen in the centre of Bodrum - like Ali Usta and others. You can either order or try one of the pairs they have in stock.

Sandal making has an old tradition in Bodrum. More then thirty years ago out of a native interest in Roman sandals some *shoe-makers* started the craft. Today these sandals, which can be considered as pieces of art, carrying old time history to modern people's feet.

Waterpipe - nargile Its a ceremony to smoke from the Nagile, the Turkish waterpipe. Tobacco,or better only the best leafes of tobacco are laid on the pipe and then topped with a piece of hot charcoal. The water in the pipe cools it down and absorbs the nicotine.The Boncuk There is one typical item, an equity of this region you should take home as a souvenier, it's called the Boncuk, the Little Magic Stone that protects one from the *Evil Eye* (pronounced 'bon-dschuk'), you will see this blue glass piece everywhere here in this area. But read the BONCUK Story first.

Ceramics from Kütahya

This wonderful blue on plates and tiles you'll find mainly on the ceramic articles from the central Turkish city Kütahya. Very often you will see samples that show the tulip motif, which dates from the time when this flower originating in Persia became known around the world.

Market days in Bodrum

Every Tuesday there is a cloth market and every Friday, there is a market with fruit and vegetabtables in Bodrum. Traders and farmers come to Bodrum to sell their produce. This ranges from all kinds of fruits and vegetables to imitation Rolex watches and items of clothing. good to watch as well in the video It is well worth a visit and you should try to bargain before buying anything.


Mondays  Güvercinlik  

Tuesdays  Bodrum (fabrics and clothing)  

Wednesdays  Gümüslük and Ortakent  

Thursdays  Bodrum (food) and Yalikavak  

Fridays  Bodrum (food) and Bitez  

Saturdays  Turgutreis (food and clothing)  

Sundays  Mumcular and Gumbet  

There is a flea market every first sunday of the month in Bitez