The Bodrum Guide

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Miletus, the queens of the Ionian cities, was first founded 3000 years BC. It was first inhabited by the Minoens and the by the Mycenaeans. Ionians came to Miletos 1000 BC. according to the a legend, sacred fish of Apollo dolphin guided Ionians towards present day Miletos. On arriving to Miletos, Ionians built a shrine to Apollo and called it Dephiniaon. Because of its location and its sea faring people Miletians established 90 colonies all over the Mediterranean Basin including Sinop on the Black Sea Coast, Cyscos in southern Marmara and Naucratis on the Egyptian Delta. The city was also birthplace of famous philosophers, architects, town planners and mathematicians. Thales, Anaximender, Aneximnes, Hipodamos, Isodorus, Aspasia were al native sons of Miletus. Golden Age of Milestus ended with the Persian occupation during which Miletos was punished and burned as the leader city of Ionians. Persian occupation lasted till arrival of the Alexander the Great who liberated the city after a big battle with the Persians.

During the Roman centuries, second golden age started for Miletos. About 41 BC, Miletians erected a monument for the Pompey the Great to thank him cleaning the Mediterranean Basin form the activities of pirates.

Another great visitor of Miletos was Apostle Paul who visited the city during his third missionary trip. After he set sail from Assos, he stopped at Miletus where h met with the elders of the Ephesian Church. This dramatic farewell of Paul took place at the lion harbour of the city.

The city was embellished with the fascinating Roman structures during the secong golden age.